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We realize you may feel stuck with your current Internet provider with speeds that make you feel as though you are pedaling uphill.

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Yes, IGNITE Fiber really is this much Better... and Cooler with speeds up to 1Gig!

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Step 1 - Enter your address above to see what IGNITE services are available at your location.

Step 2 - If your location is in an area or “Zone” where ETC is looking to build, you will see a goal set. When that goal is met, we will begin construction. IGNITE Fiber construction plans will be developed based on interest in services, density, location and deployment expenses. If your location is NOT in a “Zone” or have a goal, and you are interested in ETC services, please register and select the services with which you are interested. ETC will consider all areas where interest exist.

Step 3 - Select the ETC services you want and Preregister! Meet your community goal sooner by following the ETC Facebook page so that you can share important posts with family, friends and neighbors. Become a community champion and ETC will help you to spread the word and meet your community goal quicker. 
Remember, together we are partners in this!