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Internet Service Areas In Service

Areas where service is currently available.


No Goal Required!


No Goal Required!


No Goal Required!

ReConnect - Coosawattee

No Goal Required!

ReConnect - Ebenezer

No Goal Required!

ReConnect - Mountaintown

No Goal Required!

ReConnect - Pleasant Gap Circle

No Goal Required!

ReConnect - Burnt Mountain

No Goal Required!

Internet Service Areas In Pre-Registration

Areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available.

Wildwood Trail - Valley Lane

73% to goal | 6 more customers needed

Hidden Valley Road

63% to goal | 17 more customers needed

Hill City

61% to goal | 7 more customers needed

Star Creek Estates

55% to goal | 23 more customers needed

Moss Rd - Mill Stone

52% to goal | 18 more customers needed

Creekside Ln

50% to goal | 4 more customers needed

Fightingtown Creek

48% to goal | 13 more customers needed


23% to goal | 20 more customers needed

Trails End

10% to goal | 26 more customers needed


0% to goal

Salacoa Valley - Barron Rd

0% to goal

Rocky Point-Lake Cove Circle

0% to goal

Beacon Point – Antioch Cemetery

0% to goal

Cashes Valley Hwy

0% to goal